Laser teeth whitening

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Dantu balinimas lazeriu

If you want to have a beautiful and whiter smile, laser teeth whitening can be one of the most effective methods. Laser teeth whitening is one of the innovative ways to enjoy a whiter smile!


Using modern technology, whitening can not only be faster and easier, but can also ensure longer lasting results. However, your whitened teeth will need some extra attention. Like in the past, hydrogen peroxide is still used as the base, but thanks to modern technology, its processing is increasingly evolving.

We whiten teeth with BIOLASE’s advanced and modern Epic 10 laser, which features:

  • effective and advanced laser whitening;
  • a quick whitening effect;
  • a relatively new and safe procedure;
  • an ideal solution for teeth whitening;
  • the ability to attain maximum whiteness in a short time.


With BIOLASE’s Epic laser, a deep whitening effect can be achieved. Not only is the Epic one of BIOLASE’s newer and more advanced lasers – it is also a research-based laser that can provide fast whitening results. Laser teeth whitening is a safe procedure that uses a special whitening gel and laser light to achieve maximum whiteness. Whitening treatment with BIOLASE’s Epic laser takes approximately one hour.


During the treatment, a special whitening gel is applied to the teeth and activated by laser in order to achieve maximum whiteness while also protecting the tooth tissue from the laser beam. The gums are covered with a special material to protect them from the hydrogen peroxide.


Research has shown that laser whitening causes no damage to the teeth because the acidity level (pH) of the whitening agents is neutral. Clinical trials have shown that teeth whitening does not change the structure of the tooth enamel.


The colour of each patient’s teeth after laser teeth whitening treatment is individual, and the effect and how long it lasts depends on many factors: enamel thickness, tooth structure, natural shade, age, enamel and saliva structure, tooth vitality, personal hygiene, diet, harmful habits, and so on.

What effect can laser teeth whitening produce?

Laser teeth whitening can be superior to trays, pens and other methods because during the whitening treatment, the laser is combined with photoactive gel. The laser’s energy is used to activate the hydrogen peroxide. Laser is one of the best, fastest and most effective methods of teeth whitening. Of course, each whitening method can have an individual effect, so the same procedure can yield different results for different people.

Preparing for teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is a fairly simple procedure, so the patient does not need special preparation. It is important to emphasise that before whitening, you should have your teeth professionally cleaned to remove tartar and plaque.


When you visit the dentist, the condition of your oral cavity will be assessed to see if whitening is necessary and advisable. Although laser teeth whitening is not dangerous, an evaluation is done in certain individual cases of whether it is needed.


Before having your teeth whitened, we recommend coming in to our dental clinic for a more detailed consultation.

Caring for your teeth after a whitening treatment

Laser teeth whitening is one of the best methods for lightening teeth. However, you should devote some time to dental care after having your teeth whitened, since teeth that are not cared for can return to their original colour fairly quickly.


After whitening treatment, you should avoid darkly pigmented foods and drinks in order to preserve the whitening results. For 24 hours after whitening treatment, avoid putting very hot and very cold food in your mouth at the same time. You may experience tooth sensitivity after whitening treatment. It is also recommended that you give up or limit harmful habits such as smoking or alcohol.


Regular deep cleaning (scale & polish) is a must. In addition to brushing your teeth, be sure to floss and clean your tongue to get rid of the bacteria that accumulates and that can both change the colour of and damage your teeth.


Laser teeth whitening can be a quick and easy way to enjoy brighter teeth. Why choose us? We can offer high quality whitening services. If you have any questions, call or message us and come in for a preliminary examination and consultation.

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