Dental Restorations (fillings)

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Viadenta Ltd is a premier provider of dental restorations, as well as complete dental care. Our dentists are deeply committed to your dental health and to helping you achieve a naturally beautiful and fully functional smile, for life.

Dental restorations and filling for adults

Dental restorations, or simply fillings are treatments used to restore the function, integrity, and morphology of missing tooth structure. Using the best and safest materials the industry has to offer, modern methods of anaesthesia, the most advanced dental technology and eco-friendly systems, we deliver top quality, restorative dental care to our patients from surrounding areas and abroad.


Tooth decay is the most common cause of fillings. You’ll know you have tooth decay if you are experiencing sudden toothache, sensitivity, coloured spots appearing on the teeth, and even bad breath. If the erosion caused by tooth decay is not filled in, symptoms can get serious, and you may need a more complex treatment, such as a root canal, to treat the site. Not only is this more costly, but it also comes with bigger risks of complications.


Routine dental checkups are a key factor in preventive dental care. Your dentist can look for early signs of tooth decay, gum disease and other dental problems. At Viadenta Ltd, we recommend our patients to visit us for a dental check-up every 6-12 months.

Children's dentistry

Your child’s dental health habits should begin the moment their first tooth appears. Tooth decay is one of the most common problems in children. It can cause infection and pain, minimise their ability to eat, affect their sleep patterns, behaviour and school performance. Tooth brushing alone is not enough to look after your children’s teeth and gums, which is why at Viadenta Ltd we are happy to not only help guide families towards a lifetime of good oral health care, but also discuss diet and lifestyle habits.


We also understand that sometimes a child’s anxiety or fear can put parents off bringing their little ones to see the dentist. So, to ensure Viadenta Ltd. becomes their long-term and happy dental ‘home’, why not arrange to bring them with you next time you are booked in for a check-up so they are comfortable when it is their turn to sit in the chair? Prevention is better than cure. Ensure your child’s dental health starts off on a good note.

Pricelist of dental restorations (fillings)

1 pcs, Eur
    Filling removal
    Filling for milk tooth
    Tooth sealant
    Temporary filling IRM
    White filling for molar tooth
    White filling for front tooth
    Local anaesthesia

Full pricelist and all the procedures available are displayed in clinic.

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