E-max Crown

E-max is a new type of porcelain made up of mainly lithium disilicate and quartz. What is so special about this ceramic is that it is both strong and aesthetic. E-max allows dentists to make restorations that are far less thick and are ideal for small changes in shape or alignment of your teeth. They also can be used to cover stains or discolouration. E-max crowns are translucent, providing good light transmittance, thus giving the closest aesthetic appearance to the patient’s natural teeth. The material is biocompatible, so does not cause allergic reactions and is resistant to fluctuations of temperature thus preventing heat damage to the coating. When dentists use this material, you get an all ceramic crown that is long lasting and delicate in appearance.

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Price, Euros

Post 60
Crown fitting 10
E.max cercon crown 335

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