Service price list


Price, Euros

Consultation and initial examination                                                                              15
Numbing 7
Removal of filling 12
Chemical processing of root canal 13
Processing of root canal 33
Root canal filling with Ca(OH)2 9
Root canal filling 28
Individual teeth whitening trays 90
Root plug filling of tooth crown restoration part 38-50
Esthetical filling of tooth/ composite veneers / composite bonding   125
Helium filling 41-51
Laser teeth whitening or whitening with Beyond Polus system 195
Dead tooth whitening 22
Tooth riffle covering with sealant 10
Dental X-ray picture 8
Oral hygiene and polishing paste 49
Office teeth whitening 135
Individual anti grinding teeth protector / mouth guard for grinding teeth 99-130
Dental decoration 35
Moulded tooth crown 130
Metal ceramic crown 245
Metal acrylic (plastic) crown 145
Plastic crown 130
Temporary plastic crown 50
Removable u/j or l/j dental prosthesis (plate) 270
E.max cercon crown 335
Non-metal ceramic crown 265
Cercon crown (Layered Zirconia) 385
Correction of removable dental prosthesis (plate) break 75

Full pricelist and all the procedures available are displayed in clinic.