Service pricelist


Price, Euros

Consultation and initial examination                                                                             10
Removal of filling10
Chemical processing of root canal10
Processing of root canal30
Root canal filling with Ca(OH)27
Root canal filling25
Universal teeth whitening trays95
Root plug filling of tooth crown restoration part38-50
Esthetical filling of tooth125
Helium filling36-46
Laser teeth whitening or whitening with Beyond Polus system175
Dead tooth whitening20
Tooth riffle covering with sealant10
Dental X-ray picture5-8
Mouth hygiene and polishing paste45
Office teeth whitening130
Individual anti-bruxism device80
Dental decoration + fixing depends on chosen decoration30-60
Moulded tooth crown105
Metal ceramic crown220
Metal acrylic (plastic) crown120
Plastic crown70
Temporary plastic crown20
Full removable u/j or l/j dental prosthesis (plate)250
E.max cercon crown310
Non-metal ceramic crown260
Cercon ceramics380
Correction of removable dental prosthesis (plate) break65

Full pricelist and all the procedures available are displayed in clinic.