Price, Euros

Consultation and initial examination                                                                              20
Numbing 8
Removal of filling 15
Chemical processing of root canal 14
Processing of root canal 36
Root canal filling with Ca(OH)2 12
Root canal filling 30
Home teeth whitening 95
Root plug filling of tooth crown restoration part 38-50
Esthetical filling of tooth/ composite veneers / composite bonding   135
Helium filling 50-60
Laser teeth whitening or whitening with Beyond Polus whitening system 195
Dead tooth whitening 25
Tooth riffle covering with sealant 10
Dental X-ray picture 10
Oral hygiene and polishing paste 52
In-Office teeth whitening 135
Individual anti grinding teeth protector / mouth guard for grinding teeth 130
Dental decoration 35
Moulded tooth crown 130
Metal ceramic crown 245
Metal acrylic (plastic) crown 145
Plastic crown 130
Temporary plastic crown 50
Removable u/j or l/j dental prosthesis (plate) 270
E.max cercon crown 335
Non-metal ceramic crown 265
Cercon crown (Layered Zirconia) 385
Correction of removable dental prosthesis (plate) break 75

Full pricelist and all the procedures available are displayed in clinic.