Oral hygiene

odontologijos paslaugos uzsienieciamsYour teeth may stay healthy and beautiful for a long time, if you take a good care of them. Professional oral hygiene may help you to do so. Aim of such hygiene is to prevent disorders of periodontis, eliminate hard and soft teeth varnish (tartar), decrease sensitivity of teeth and refresh mouth.

Good oral hygiene is one of the basic prophylactic means of teeth disorders and decay. Teeth varnish and its bacteria cause decay and unpleasant smell of breath. Non-eliminated varnish mineralizes and forms tartar, which disturbs natural mouth cleaning and bacteria elimination and stimulates bacteria reproduction; therefore chronic gum inflammation, decay and periodontitis may appear. Unless tartar is eliminated, the inflammation progresses and damages gum and teeth; the bone starts melting. The best way to prevent such teeth and gum disorders is – to use professional oral hygiene and everyday oral care.

Professional oral hygiene procedure eliminates tartar and soft pigment varnish, restores natural teeth colour and brings freshness of breath.


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Mouth hygiene 49

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