Non Metal Ceramics

Our doctors do most of modern teeth and teeth line prosthesis works. Prostheses requiring perfect esthetical view are made of metalless ceramic. We also use other prostheses (with or without ceramic or plastic finishing).

During initial examination and consultation we will suggest you possible methods to solve your problems. After you select the most appropriate method, we will qualitatively do prosthesis works. To get further information and answers to your questions we advise to come to our clinic for initial examination and consultation.

Aim of dental prosthesis is to restore missing teeth and to improve condition of the rest ones. Odontologists recommend dental prosthesis in the cases, when 50% or more dental crown has collapsed. Though modern filling techniques allow full restoration of tooth functions and esthetical view, a tooth restored using a large filling may break whilst chewing.

Modern technologies allow making a prosthesis, which conforms to top esthetical and functional requirements; therefore they guarantee beauty, strength, resistance and esthetical view of teeth.

With non metal ceramics, all restorations can be shaped so naturally that they cannot be easily distinguished from your real teeth.

First impressions often determine what other people think of us. A beautiful smile can make all the difference. With non metal ceramics, this can now be fulfilled. Non metal ceramics offers extremely natural aesthetics paired with excellent biocompatibility. 

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