Esthetical odontology – composite veneers

Latest technologies can create an ideal smile for most people and guarantee perfection of your smile.

Esthetical odontology is a branch of medicine, which combines art and science to improve health and overall condition of human mouth and to beautify smile and face.


Esthetical filling restores correct form of teeth and eliminates teeth defects (crumbled old fillings, decay, cracked or splintered teeth, etc.) and corrects form, colour and structural integrity (in case of minor defects) of teeth. This is how beautiful smile and correct clench is created.

Restoration of correct tooth form guarantees esthetical view and quality of chew, and ensures longer life for a filling. It is very important in filling front teeth and molars.


Modern esthetical odontology can break the mould of your smile. Patients leave our office more self-confident and with a wide smile in their faces after esthetical filling procedures.