Adult and Children teeth treatment


The detailed surveys, situation analysis and treatment plan ensures the long-term teeth restorations.odontologijos kabinetas kaune Dental clinic quality dental restorations, old and defective seals amendment and coronary restoration of the tooth using modern methods of anesthesia  available to only the highest quality certified materials and technologies.

The most common dental disease is dental caries – tooth decay. The main features that emerged decay is tooth sensitivity to cold, heat, light, sweet food, bad breath.  Tooth decay tooth treatment depends on the level of injury and the individual in each case. Proper material selection  guarantees the use of restorations (fillings) longevity.

Annual preventive examinations is a must.  In order to avoid serious dental and gum disease, which often ends with even tooth loss  for both children and adults should be performed every 6-12 months.


Suaugusiųjų ir vaikų dantų plombavimasWe treat our little patients – children gently and carefully.

Before visit to a doctor parents should prepare their children psychologically. They should visit odontologists not after a child starts complaining about his/her toothache, but to prepare him/her step by step, starting from initial examination, introduction and conversation with an odontologist. For prophylactic purposes children and their parents should visit the dentist once a year.

Very common disease of children mouths is decay, which is caused by neglecting or poor brushing of teeth; therefore, as soon as the first tooth appears, you should familiarize your child with teeth brushing. During initial examination dentists shall explain you and your child how to take care of and clean your teeth properly.


Price, Euros

Consultation and initial examination                                                                              20
Helium filling 50-60
Helium filling for front tooth 69-79
Filling for milk tooth 27

Full pricelist and all the procedures available are displayed in clinic.