Service pricelist


Price, Euros

Consultation and initial examination FREE OF CHARGE (if staying with us for continuing treatment)8
Removal of filling6
Chemical processing of root canal9-10
Mechanical processing of root canal16-17
Root canal filling with Ca(OH)27
Root canal filling20
Universal teeth whitening trays95
Root plug filling of tooth crown restoration part38-50
Esthetical filling of tooth120
Helium filling29-39
Laser teeth whitening175
Dead tooth whitening20
Tooth riffle covering with sealant10
Dental X-ray picture6
Mouth hygiene and polishing paste35-40
Office teeth whitening125
Individual anti-bruxism device80
Dental decoration + fixing depends on chosen decoration30-60
Moulded tooth crown105
Metal ceramic crown195
Metal acrylic (plastic) crown118
Plastic crown60
Temporary plastic crown20
Full removable u/j or l/j dental prosthesis (plate)250
E.max cercon crown280-310
Non-metal ceramic crown260
Cercon ceramics380
Correction of removable dental prosthesis (plate) break50-60